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7 financial tips for women, especially for this economy

We got an expert to share 7 financial tips for women, especially for this economy A beginner's guide to investing By  Binoli Dodhiwala  April 27th, 2020 Compared to men, women are more patient, they stick to a financial plan, they trade less and they are goal-oriented. In spite of this, investing still remains the domain of men. There is an increasing number of women today who work and are financially independent but  real financial independence  is when they can confidently decide on their spending and investments too. Here are some important financial tips for women: 1. Know the difference between saving and investing Saving is keeping aside your investible surplus in a bank account or as cash at home. Investing means making that money work and earn you something meaningful. Your investments should always be in products that can beat inflation. 2. Treat your investment as an EMI The best way to plan your investments is to treat them like an EMI. Thus,