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"What to Invest in Depends on Your Financial Goals" on Thrive Global

WELL-BEING // September 16, 2020 What to Invest in Depends on Your Financial Goals Aligning investment to your fiscal dreams helps in fulfilling them. By  Binoli Dodhiwala ,  Social Entrepreneur  at  The Money Managers Photo by Tierra Mallorca/ Unsplash Imagine that you’re in college, studying to become a lawyer, and imagine your pleasure the day your degree arrives. It is the same with financial goals, where we plan for something tangible or intangible, and we feel a real sense of achievement the day it gets fulfilled. Ankit Jain (name changed) was staying in a 1BHK house along with his two sisters, grandparents and parents. Throughout his education, he faced difficulty in studying because there were too many people in the house and he had to study among all the noise. After completing his studies he started working in an investment company and with his first paycheque, he began investing in mutual funds with the sole goal of buying a bigger house. In between, there were many times th